Sunday, 20 May 2007

Miscellaneous Photos Of Various River Trips

Miscellaneous Photos Of Various River Trips
(Tales Relating to Photos In Blog Posts)
Yuri: Self Portrait
Mississippi River, Lanark County, Ontario Canada

Right to Left: Yuri, Brian & Two Companions Missinaibi River 1982

Yuri & Brian - Lazing In The Sun
Mississippi River, Lanark County, Ontario Canada

Yuri & Brian
Rain Soaked Day On the Spanish River, Ontario

Dr. Bob F. On Mississagi River
'Essential Wilderness Haircare'

Midnight Camp
Brian On the Spanish River, Ontario

Yuri On the Spanish River, Ontario
'Hiding In the Shadows"

Dr. Brian F. On Mississippi River

Yuri - Dirty, Tired & "In Heaven" On the Kamiscotia River, Ontario


Yuri & Brian - Sparse Camp On Albany River East Bank

Albany River Sunset

Log Drive On The Mattagami River
(Imagine planning a canoe trip for a year then arriving to this sight!)

Spanish River, Ontario - Sunset

Ottawa River Rafting
(for a short slide show click here to redirect to another post)

Aubrey Falls On Lower Mississagi River

Yuri & Brian At Kabinakagami River Jumpoff
Albany River Tributary

How To Wrap A Coleman Royalex Canoe Around A Rock - Mississagi River

Quiet Moments With Colleagues On Mississagi River

Dusk On The Missinaibi River, Ontario

Brian On The Spanish River

Brian On The Kamiscotia River

My Good Friend Guy & Myself On Restoule River

Smokey Camp On The Spanish River
(Brian & Yuri)

Comfy Camp at the 'Monkey House' - Missinaibi River
('Monkey House' as we had to crawl around on all fours to keep from falling off of this campsite!)

View Upstream From 'Monkey House' On Missinaibi River
(Looking back towards Thunderhouse Falls & Conjourer's House)

Grumman Canoe In Evening Light On Mattagami River

Twilight On the Mattagami-Kamiscotia Junction

Tragedy on the Missinaibi River - Canoe Explodes Scattering Contents!
(Acutally, just repacking supplies at Mattice Jump-off Site)

Brian, Contemplating Life at the Graveyard Rapids - Spanish River

Ice Encrusted Shore On Albany River

Building A Spruce & Canvas Canoe
'Wilderness Workshop' -Humber College
(for a short slide show on canoe construction click here)

Paddle Carving Course
Wilderness Workshop - Humber College, Toronto

Yuri At Restoule River Base Camp

Brian & Yuri (Standing) At Mississagi River Camp

Self Portrait (circa 1976) - Solo Camping Trip At Spring Lake ON
(note still frozen lake in background)

Faithful "Canary Yellow" 17' Grumman Aluminum Canoe

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Anonymous said...

been on missassagi 13 is beyond words.i live in usa,wish i lived on the banks of the missassagi.i am going in july of 2010 again.i love canada gary stankus grand rapids mi

Anonymous said...

The beautiful town of Blind River, Ontario is mentioned in the classic mystery set in the Upper Peninsula, "Blood is the Sky" by Steve Hamilton. More info here:

Oh, and listen to Neil Young's song "Long May You Run" for a tribute to Neil's days in Blind River. What can I say? There's something magic about Blind River!

-Bucky Beever