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Location Of Rivers

Location Of Rivers

“No man should go through life without once experiencing healthy, even bored solitude in the wilderness, finding himself depending solely on himself and thereby learning his true and Hidden strength.”
Jack Kerouac

"It's not down any map, true places never are"
Herman Melville

Below I've included maps with the approximate locations of rivers mentioned in this blog to help readers unfamiliar with Ontario or perhaps even Canada navigate the tales. Within the body of the blog & sidebar, one can find links to both Ontario road maps as well as topographical map distributors. I have also Included them a the bottom of this post for added convenience. When available, the preferred topographical map scale was 1:50,000 as opposed to the 1:250,000 for they showed much greater detail which assisted in pinpointing our location and in calculating exact distance travelled each day. Remember, these trips were pre GPS etc.

Locations Of Rivers Mentioned in this Blog
(Partial Satellite View of Ontario Including Great Lakes)
(Click Map To Enlarge)

1) Albany River
2) Kabinakagami & Kenogami Rivers
3) Missinaibi River
4) Mattagami River
5) Abitibi River
6) Kamiskotia River
7) Mississagi River
8) Spanish River
9) French River
10) Restoule River
11) Magnetawan River
12) Ottawa River
13) Mississippi River
14) Saugeen River
15) Maitland River
16) Thames River
17) Grand River
*) Moose River (Combined flow of Missinaibi, Mattagami & Abitibi Rivers)
(Lake Nipissing Just Left of #10 of Map Of Rivers)

Map Of Canada Showing Location Of The Province Of Ontario

Additional Map Sources;
Ontario Road Maps - Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Federal Maps - Topographical Map Source (Toronto)
Canada Map Office - Topographical Maps (Ottawa)

"A Roadmap always tells you everything except how to refold it"

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Anonymous said...

The beautiful town of Blind River, Ontario is mentioned in the classic mystery set in the Upper Peninsula, "Blood is the Sky" by Steve Hamilton. More info here:

Oh, and listen to Neil Young's song "Long May You Run" for a tribute to Neil's days in Blind River. What can I say? There's something magic about Blind River!

-Bucky Beever
Blind River resident